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Since no one's posted lately, I thought I'd share what I've got written of a Royals/Harry Potter story. Wills/Ron OTP!

His eyes swept down over the line slowly, lingering on each of the faces that comprised it, and stopping near the end. "Ah," said the man at his side, and William turned his face to see where the wizard was looking.

"No," he murmured. "The one beside him."

Moody arched an eyebrow in surprise. "The seventh son of a seventh son. And after all, it is your choice."

"Yes," William hissed. He'd reviewed the files himself. "_My_ choice."

Moody did not reply, simply strode forward and pulled the astonished-looking boy from the line. "Shut your mouth, Ronald," he whispered in the boy's ear, "you'll catch flies."

Ronald. That was his name. He shut his mouth. William turned on his heel and strode from the room, Moody and the boy at his heels.


The trainees had decided amongst themselves that Potter was going to get the assignment and so it wasn't even worth applying. But Mad-Eye had insisted, his magical eye rolling crazily, that each and every one of them sign their name to the parchment that would indicate interest to the Crown. "It's
imperative you all give this your best," he told them, and then never told anyone exactly why it was so important that they all sign.

This is what Ron Weasley told the King's steward, waiting in the outer office in his Wizard's robes.


William tapped a pen on the desk as Weasley walked in. "You'll have to find more suitable clothing," he said briskly.

"I figured that, sir." A wave of his wand and Weasley was dressed in a drab grey pinstripe three-piece.

William nodded his approval. "And hide the wand as well."

"I've a holster for it, sir." Just like a gun. Perhaps he was not so far off in his assessment that the Auror corps was along the lines of MI5. Weasley laid his wand on the desk.

William gestured at it. "May I?"

Weasley grinned. "It's not likely to do anything for you, sir. But I'm not going to say no."

The wand issued a stream of red smoke when William picked it up. "Security precaution," Weasley admitted with a shrug. "Give it a wave."

William declined, and set the wand back on the desk. "Now, this is probably the last time we'll have a sit-down meeting like this, Mr. Weasley -"

"Ron, sir."

"Ron." He might as well. "Unless there's some change in the current situation, I mean. You'll be meeting with Roberts later, he's the head of my security team and as far as he knows, you're an MI5 placement and he's not to ask any questions. This is all very irregular, as you know, and I'd imagine you're as bewildered by the idea as I am, but I must admit I'm not very keen on the idea of an attack on the Crown by some maniac wizard."

"Voldemort, sir," Weasley murmured.

"Voldemort. Best to know the name of one's enemy, am I right?" Weasley nodded. William continued. "I shall be leaving you to your own methods; Moody assures me that the Aurors can take care of themselves quite capably."

"We can, sir."

"Then this meeting is over." William stuck out his hand, and Weasley shook it firmly before leaving.

And then eventually they hook up, but I'm not that far yet.
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