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Royals Snippet: Pot-smoking Harry

I thought I'd post some of my languishing Royals snippets here. I'll be posting them one at a time over the next week or so. For those of you who were on royalfic, this may or may not (depending on your memory) look familiar.

Harry chuckled. "It has its perks," he admitted, accepting the joint.

"I bet." John nipped at his neck. "The palace, the limos--"

"The paparazzi."

John laughed and took the joint back an instant before Harry was jerked out of his arms. His eyes tracked over the hand on Harry's arm, up a long, long arm, over a chest just broader than Harry's, and up to Wills' unsmiling face that dismissed him and focused on Harry.

"We're leaving," Wills growled.

Harry tried to step backward, but his brother's grip was too strong. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes, you are. It's time to go. Say goodbye to your friends." And now his eyes did flicker over John and the rest of the room.

"I want to stay." Harry finally managed to wrest himself out of Wills' grip. "You don't want me to have any fun."

"I don't care what you do or who you sleep with," Wills said impatiently, his eyes raking over John again. "But there's a photographer on his way here, and you've been in enough trouble already."

"I want to stay," Harry insisted.

"Do you want Dad to find out? He doesn't know what you're doing. You leave with me right now, and I won't tell him what--" he glanced at John and seemed almost to be hiding his amusement--"you've been doing." Harry wavered. "Come on, Harry. Time to go home," Wills coaxed, and Harry allowed him to take his arm and lead him out of the house. Wills pushed him into the car and automatically checked to make sure the bodyguards were behind them--a long-standing compromise--before he started up the car.

Harry slumped against the door. "It's not fair. I really liked him."

"He only liked you because you're a prince."

"You're just saying that. You don't want me to have any friends," Harry accused.

Wills shook his head. "I've seen that enough. He wasn't really interested in you."

Harry scrabbled against the door handle. "Stop the car. I'm going to be sick."

Wills jerked the car onto the shoulder, and Harry was out and throwing up before he could even cut off the ignition. Wills came around the car and put one hand on Harry's bent back and the other against his forehead.

"Harry," he sighed. He accepted a bottle of water from one of the guards and held it for Harry as he rinsed out his mouth.

Harry silently pulled away from him and climbed back in the car. Wills turned to the bodyguards.

"Not a word of this. To anyone," he warned.

"No, sir," they agreed.

"Good." Wills got back into the car and again waited for the bodyguards before starting the car. They finished the drive home in silence broken only when Wills identified himself at the Palace gates.

They parked in the garage, and the guards trailed them to the entrance to the private quarters where they melted away.

"What about Dad?" Harry asked.

"He went to Camilla's. He won't be back until tomorrow morning." Wills followed Harry to his small suite of rooms and propped himself up against a wall while Harry retreated to the bathroom.

Harry emerged from the bathroom clad only in his boxers. "I can put myself to bed," he said acidly.

"I'm sure you can." Wills pulled back the covers and pointedly waited for Harry to get into bed. When he did, although not without throwing a quick glare at his brother, Wills pulled the covers up over him and sat down at the head of the bed. Harry sighed, but he rolled his head to rest against Wills' thigh. Wills carded his fingers through Harry's hair.

"What're you doing, Harry?" he asked. "This is getting out of control. I don't care if you're gay; you know that. But there are a lot of nice guys out there. You have to stop doing this."

"He seemed nice."

"Oh, Harry, they all seem nice." Wills bent and pressed his lips to Harry's forehead. "You have to learn how to tell which ones really are." He got up to leave, but Harry reached out to him.

"Please stay."

"Okay." Wills settled back onto the bed. "Okay. I'll stay. Go to sleep." He stroked Harry's hair again, and for a moment it was almost like having Mummy back.
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