Ruth Sadelle Alderson (rsadelle) wrote in royalfic,
Ruth Sadelle Alderson

Royals/Harry Potter snippet: Draco/Prince Harry

"Got a light?" Harry asked it half-heartedly, as if he didn't expect an answer.

"Of course." Long fingers cupped around the end of his cigarette, while a quick wave of his other hand lit the cigarette.

Harry eyed the stranger warily. Blond hair, gray eyes, tight jeans. "You're a wizard."

The stranger took a drag from his own cigarette. "Yes."

"That kind of thing can get you killed."

"I'm very careful, Your Highness."

Harry snorted. "Your Highness," he mocked. "Doesn't mean much when it won't even get you shagged."

The stranger rested his palm against Harry's cheek. "And you such a good-looking boy, too."

Harry rubbed his cheek against the stranger's hand. "What's your name?"

"Draco Malfoy."

"Malfoy. Bad faith. Do you live up to your name?"
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